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Blue Tag Certified sod is the highest quality certification available in the industry. 

  • Certified Sod Producers must follow strict production guidelines that includes field inspections annually by state certified inspectors.  
  • This inspection is your quality assurance that the sod you are purchasing is true-to-type, with no noxious or objectionable weeds such as common bermuda 
  • Producers must provide documentation of their planting source.  (Breeder, Foundation, Registered, Certified) 
  • Producers must present a Blue Tag Certificate with each order upon delivery. 
  • Quality conscious athletic field, golf course, and landscape managers DEMAND Blue Tag Certified Sod and so should YOU! 

All Producers are required to have a license/certification from the Department of Agriculture. This does NOT qualify as Blue Tag Certification for sod.

North Carolina Blue Tag Certification for Sod Turfgrass is a service of NC Crop Improvement