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FAQs on Turfgrass Certification

What does certified sod mean and how is it beneficial to me the consumer?

Certified Sod means it is guaranteed to be the variety stated and free of noxious weeds and be within a tolerance of objectionable weeds. This sod has a non-bias inspection performed semi-annually.

What is an off-type plant? Other Varieties? Noxious Weeds?

Off-type means any seed or plant not a part of the variety in that it deviates in one or more characteristics from the variety as described and may include seed or plants of other varieties; seed or plants not necessarily any variety; seed or plants resulting from cross-pollination by other kinds or varieties; seed or plants resulting from uncontrolled self-pollination during production of hybrid seed, or segregates from any of the above plants.

Other variety shall be considered to include plants or seed of the same kind that can be differentiated from the variety that is being inspected, but shall not include variations which are environmental or characteristic of the variety (variants) as defined by the breeder.

The term noxious weeds refers to those weeds listed as noxious in the North Carolina Seed Law 'Rules, Regulations, Definitions and Standards.'

Do I order the sod I want through NCCIA?

No, you can contact our Certified Sod Producers by using our contact growers page.

The sod I ordered has weeds all in it and has a patchy color throughout. Who do I need to contact about my problem?

You need to have the "Blue Tag" certificate that was issued when you purchased your certified sod. If one wasn't issued then it wasn't certified sod you purchased and you would have to contact the seller on your own.  If you have a certificate then we can verify you were sold the correct sod.

North Carolina Blue Tag Certification for Sod Turfgrass is a service of NC Crop Improvement