NC Certified Sod Turfgrass Blue Turfgrass

Who is NCCIA?

The North Carolina Crop Improvement Association (NCCIA) was formed in 1929 as a result of an order of the General Assembly of North Carolina which enacted a law entitled An Act to Foster the Development and Production of Purebred Crop Seed in North Carolina and provide for the certification thereof.

NCCIA is a non-profit education and service organization recognized as the official agency for seed certification in North Carolina. Certification is a system of records, inspections, and standards conducted with the cooperation of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences of North Carolina State University and the Plant Industry Division of North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. NCCIA is a member of the Association of Official Seed Certifying Agencies (AOSCA).

The purpose and objectives of the Association are:

  • To encourage the production of excellent quality seed and sod grown and distributed under controlled conditions to ensure genetic identity and purity.
  • To encourage the more widespread use of superior seed by such means as may be designated by its members or Board of Directors.
  • To certify only varieties accepted by NCCIA.

North Carolina Blue Tag Certification for Sod Turfgrass is a service of NC Crop Improvement